Turkish Shaving

Innovative, inspirational and so individual. You'll be raving about shaving once you've enjoyed one of our exquisite wet shave wonders. An unforgettable experience we know you'll want to repeat.

Hot Towel Shaving

It's fair to say that shaving is a cut throat business and this where we clean up over our rivals because of our unique shaving methods.

Our senior stylist Nihat Yenturk brought the technique of the traditional Turkish razor wet shave from his homeland many years ago. As the first UK salon to offer this special treat for gents, you will not experience a better shave elsewhere. It proved so popular among the clientele at Hedz International that specialist staff were brought in to meet demand.

If you've not yet sat back in one of our salons and been pampered with this genuine Turkish delight then you're missing out. Involving neck massage, hot towels, skin soothing balms and lemon cologne imported from Turkey it's well worth a try and will leave you invigorated and refreshed.