Dental Surgery

At Hedz our Dental Surgeons make the priority of our patients paramount and with the efficiency of our treatments together with their friendly service your experience with us will be a pleasant one.

Real Results, the Best Results


FUE Procedure

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry, improve the appearance of teeth and gums.

Children's Dentistry (Pedodontics)

0-12 year olds, both milk teeth and permanent teeth.


The implants can be used as an alternative to natural teeth, or to replace missing teeth.


The use of Invisalign braces is to straighten teeth. We design braces specifically for you.

Lamina Porcelain

Thin wafers of porcelain laminates are pasted to the front of teeth.


We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of dental and facial defects.

Smile Design

Rebuiling your smile, giving you an attractive smile and rebuilding your confidence.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening offers many different options for a beautiful smile.


Zirconium smart ceramics provide excellent bio compatibility and natural look.